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HEALTH & WELLNESS is a vital component of a successful individual and a thriving community. 

The 100’s focuses on the well-being of the whole person: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual through initiatives that: 1) raise awareness of health disparities and solutions; and 2) provide access to health care and wellness information that promote behavioral changes that result in healthier lifestyles, good nutrition, regular physical activity, and full ownership of one’s health.

At the chapter level, our organization and Chapter affiliates partner with corporations, foundations and other nonprofit organizations to promote preventative health strategies and provide education on prevalent diseases that negatively impact African Americans. Through these partnerships, the Silicon Valley Chapter delivers health education programs to our community. Healthy children can become healthy adults; and healthy adults contribute to the overall health of our communities.

Through our chapter’s Health and Wellness program we work with other synergistic organizations to develop strategic partnerships to raise a collective voice to help increase awareness and provide health education to mitigate chronic conditions and diseases that plague the African American community.

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