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EDUCATION is the key to opportunity and is embedded in the mission of our organization. The 100 has been mentoring African American youth for more than 50 years and as an extension of the national organization, our local chapter knows the importance of education to one’s life trajectory and the ability to achieve dreams.

Although segregation in the U.S. ended over 50 years ago, significant inequities in public education still exist today.

We consider the transformation of education as one of the critical civil rights issues of our time. We staunchly believe that all youth, regardless of race and socio-economic status, must have access to quality education to become ready to compete in a global society which is becoming better educated through the expansion of knowledge via the internet. Knowledge is power and if you have access to it and can properly apply it, any dream can become a reality.

Our Technology Tour initiative, in cooperation with local Silicon Valley companies and government agencies, is one of our key education advocacy initiatives. The goal of this initiative is to expand the upward vision for black and brown youth that we serve in the Valley. Through all of our programs we advocate for marginalized youth and their parents and guardians by addressing issues that are barriers to opportunities and access to jobs and careers of the future. We bring these issues to the forefront by raising the awareness of our members and building broad-based coalitions with other local, synergistic organizations to change outcomes for black and brown youth in the communities we serve. Our tech tour initiative is designed to show students of color that local professionals who look like them, have succeeded at every level of technology companies and government agencies in Silicon Valley. This exposure is designed to inspire and motivate our youth to achieve successful grade level advancements, on-time graduation from high school and post-secondary institutions, and realize their educational, personal and professional goals.

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